Xplora Care

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Xplora Care - Extended Independency
Live more independently, for even longer with XPLORA CARE. The smartwatch works much like a phone, but it is easier to use, and got some unique functions. You can call and receive text messages, but it also has emergency SOS and GPS real-time location. Continue doing the things you love, with more peace of mind.



Alerting your close ones about your whereabouts have never been easier. With a tap on the screen, they get your location displayed on their XPLORA Application on their phone. Alert them when you are in need of assistance, or use it to coordinate where to meet.


The watch is a phone! With a SIM-card you can both make and receive calls. This enables easy communication with you and up to 12 contacts. Answering and making calls is very easy with swipe motions. The watch can also display text messages and emojis. You can choose yourself who are able to contact you, so say goodbye to those irritating phone salesmen!

Stay Active

The XPLORA Care comes with a step counter. It encourages you to stay active throughout the day. We believe activity and movement is the key for a healthy and happy life. It now just got easier to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly movement!

Share photos 

All users in the XPLORA Care Application can share photos with eachother. Stay updated on your family's daily life. A joyful way to stay updated on what is happening in the life of the ones you care about the most.

Comes with a leather strap. If you are allergic, it is possible to buy an additional nylon or rubber strap. 


This is the SIM-FREE version. The smartwatch works the same way as a phone, so you will need to buy a separate SIM-card to make and receive calls, and use the location setting. Click here to see supported providers.

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Xplora Care Smartwatch

Xplora Care Application

Xplora Care Smartwatch
Xplora Care Smartwatch

Xplora Care senior GPS Watch

Xplora Care Smartwatch

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Model description

Product name   XPLORA CARE
Color   White

Weight and Dimensions

Weight of unit   51g
Unit measurements   43.7 x 43.1 x 15

Technical Specifications

Chipset   Qualcomm QSC6270
Frequency band   WCDMA B1
Sensors   Accelerator Gyroscope
Display/Screen resolution   1.3in OLED, 128x128
IP Rating (Waterproof)   IPx4


Battery   380mAh
Stand-by   60 hours
Continuous call   1.5 hours