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The company was founded with the mission of giving children a safe onboarding to digital life and encouraging a better balance between screen time and physical activity. Xplora’s broad portfolio of connected products and services allows people to connect their loved ones, and children to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change in the world. Xplora has offices in Norway, UK, Germany, and Spain, and is expanding into new markets in the US and Europe. Xplora has several major innovations in the child smartwatch category, including the launch of the world’s first eSIM product for children in August 2020 and its patent-pending activity platform and logic converting steps to awards.

Important events

The table below provides an overview of key events in the history of the Company:

Date Event

Q1 2016

Xplora Technologies AS was established in February 2016

Q2 2016

Xplora entered into an exclusive agreement with InfoMark to distribute the Company ́s first product X1 in Europe.

Q3 2016

Xplora entered into a licensing agreement with PepCall (now Xplora Mobile) to sell and distribute Xplora services in the Nordic markets.

H2 2017

Development of the IoT platform in parallel with test sales in the UK and Germany.

Q1 2018

Xplora entered into an exclusive agreement with 360, large Wearables producer.

Q2 2018

Acquisition of Tinitell, a Swedish competitor.

Q3 2018

Improvements to platform and IP and building of own logistics system to prepare the Company for scaling.

Q4 2018

Further development of strong retail strategy by securing more than ten distribution agreements for Xplora products and services.

Q1 2019

Announcement of new products and first gaming integration with Sony Playstation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Q2 2019

Secured partnerships with Disney through 21st Century and Paramount Pictures.

Q3 2019

Won eSim joint development program with Deutsche Telekom and Gemalto.

Q4 2019

Launch of Xplora X4 smartwatch. P7S1 Accelerator Media-for-equity deal in Germany. First sales through Deutsche Telekom.

Q1 2020

Entered into MoU with United States Fund for UNICEF. New partnerships with Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures.

Q2 2020

First patent application filed. Innovation Norway loan grant.

Q3 2020

Launch of industry first eSim smartwatch for kids, Xplora X5 Play eSim, following joint technology collaboration with D Telekom and Gemalto. Launched in the US.

Q4 2020

On 8 October 2020 the Company completed a private placement of 265 252 new Shares (prior to Share Split number, see Section 7.5) towards certain new investors, raising gross proceeds of approximately NOK 100 million (the “Private Placement”). The proceeds will be used to fund planned growth and development for the Group.

Q4 2020

US launch with X5 Play. Introduction of second-generation entry-level product, XGO 2.

Strategy and vision

Xplora was founded with the mission to give children a safe onboarding to digital life and a better balance between screen time and physical activity. Xplora’s vision is to enable children around the world to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change to the world.

Over the next two years the Company aims at selling 1.5 million smartwatch units, indicating a 3% hardware penetration in target markets and around 1% share of the expected global market volume. This goal is supported by primarily three inputs; i) strong, established partnerships with telecommunication companies; ii) own experience from Nordic operations and reference points from Asian markets; and, iii) competitive situation.


Telecommunication companies have strong incentives to market and sell smartphones for children, as this opens for increased volumes in an underpenetrated market segment and may reduce churn on existing customer base through stronger family plans. Xplora has formed strong partnerships with selected European telecommunication players, including Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Orange, with extensive market reach across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. The Company is targeting further telecommunication agreements.


Upon establishment of the Company, evidence from Asian markets showed penetration rates of 8-12% for kid’s smartwatches in a 2 to 3 year time horizon1. Following nearly 3 years of operations in Norway, via a common Nordic distributor, Xplora has achieved a market leading position, with more than 11% of kids in the target group owning an Xplora watch. Despite only being present in Sweden since January 2020, Xplora has already reached a market penetration rate above 1%, following a similar growth pattern as achieved in Norway. While it took longer to reach 1% market penetration in the target group in Germany, the Company is now eyeing a similar growth trend as experienced in Nordic markets.


The market for kids’ wearables is highly competitive, with several players approaching the same target group as Xplora with comparable devices, or potential kids-friendly services for smartphones. However, Xplora views that few of these competitors offer similar value proposition as Xplora, such as value-added services and connectivity enabled by Xplora’s unique service platform, as well as engaging content developed in joint venture with business partners. Xplora has a strong time-to-market advantaged in this new and untapped market, Furthermore, as Xplora has integrated with several telecommunication companies, distributors and content partners, Xplora has a strong time-to-market advantaged in this new and untapped market. A normal end-to-end process with these partners is 9 to 12 months.

Group organisation

The Company is the parent company of Xplora Technologies Ltd (an English limited liability company), Xplora Technologies Deutschland GmbH (a German limited liability company), Xplora Technologies SL (a Spanish limited liability company) and Xplora Technologies Inc. (a Delaware corporation).

The parent company’s operations are conducted from its Oslo and Trondheim offices. The Company’s headquarters in Oslo accommodate the Group’s finance, operation and support functions, while the Trondheim office deals with global and national marketing campaigns.

Xplora Technologies Ltd serves as Xplora’s engineering and development hub which works together with Xplora’s external South Korean development team. Xplora’s UK operations also handles sales and marketing in the UK market.

Xplora Technologies Deutschland GmbH, Xplora Technologies SL and Xplora Technologies Inc. all handle sales, marketing and support functions in their respective local markets.

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