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XPLORA GO CLIP is the perfect format for the smallest kids. Wear your XPLORA in your belt or backpack using the carabiner hook. With the basic functionality from the core unit, you will have all the features your child will need, such as call, GPS, Safe Zones and SOS. With the wide range of accessories, you will also have the opportunity to customize the watch, making it even more playful and fun.

XPLORA GO is compatible with our unique Activity Platform, where kids are awarded to stay active! XPLORA watches are also fully GDPR compliant, so all your data is stored safely in Europe.


Introducing XPLORA GO Clip for Kids

Similar to the XPLORA 3S, all the functionality and settings are controlled from the parental app, allowing the parents to have full control and visibility.

Carabiner hook is included in the box.


XPLORA GO Clip can be customised to your fit. It is not only a watch, but so much more! You can also track your pets, bike or assets! You can buy additional accessories that fits your usage needs. With the core unit, it is up to you how you want to use your device. You can quickly change mode on the unit, and swap it into a new accessory.


Locate your child or assets with the XPLORA GO Clip. Feel safe when you go out on trips or excursions. Bring your children to festivals without having to worry! You can also create Safety Zones, which will alert you whenever your child leaves or enter the zone.


The watch is a phone! With a SIM-card you can both make and receive calls. This enables easy communication with up to 10 contacts. Answering and making calls is very easy on the touchscreen. The watch can also display text messages and emojis - no more boring texts!


Let your child play outside and have fun! It is splash-waterproof, so your child can still play out in the rain. The watch has a step counter, which is a fun way for a child to keep track of their daily movement, or to challenge friends. 


This is the SIM-FREE version. The smartwatch works the same way as a phone, so you will need to buy a separate SIM-card to make and receive calls, and use the location setting. Click here to see supported providers.


Black XPLORA GO Clip with GPS location

A Black XPLORA GO Clip with an open casing

XPLORA GO CLIP gps kids watch attachted to stroller
XPLORA GO CLIP watch for kids in black, blue and pink

XPLORA GO CLIP kids smartwatch

Pink XPLORA GO CLIP attached to backpack

Model Description

Product name   XPLORA GO Clip
Colour   Pink, Blue or Black

Weight and Dimensions

Weight of unit   31g
Unit measurements   43.3 x 38.8 x 15.5 mm

Technical Specifications

Chipset   MT2503A
Frequency band   GSM 900 Mhz, 1800
Bluetooth   N/A
Sensors   G-sensor
Display/Screen resolution   1.3 TFT
Camera   0.3MP - Selfie Camera
IP Rating (Waterproof)   IP65 (Splash-proof)
Internal memory   16 MB


Battery   Polymer 600mAh
Stand-by   120 hours
Continuous call   5 hours